5. Internationales IVT Symposium in der BayArena in Leverkusen. Jetzt registrieren und teilnehmen!
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5th International IVT Symposium at BayArena in Leverkusen

06th of June 2020 New perspectives in the rehabilitation and therapy of vascular diseases and chronic wounds.


Look forward to top-class speakers and highly interesting subjects this year:

• Dr. Rudolf Weyergans, Düren - founder of Weyergans High Care AG
History of the IVT revolution / roots & development.

• Dr. Burak Yildirim, Köln - Team doctor of Bayer 04 Leverkusen & and co-owner of the Ortho Sports Lab in Pulheim
Application of IVT in muscular and tendinous injuries in the field of professional soccer.

• Prof. Dr. Orletskiy Anatolii, Moskau - Surgeon at CITO Moscow
IVT in post-surgical rehabilitation.

• Dr. Yuri Lizanets, Moskau - Surgeon and owner of the "Medical Center" YUZHNY Moscow
IVT on CVI (varicose veins, venous ulcer; venous-lymphatic edema).

• Dr. Corrado Campisi, Genua - Executive Master in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Administration / Master in Reconstructive Microsurgery / Master in Clinical Lymphology, Surgery and Lymphatic Microsurgery / Clinica dei Linfaciti in Genoa, Italy
IVT in the therapy of lymph- and lipoedema. Looking back on 5.000 patients.

• Dr. Leonardo Lucas, Rio de Janeiro - Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery, Scholarship for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery / Owner of the Instituto de Cuidados Avançados de Feridas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The impact of IVT on the dabetic foot syndrome and critical ischemia.

• Vítor Pimenta, Porto - Physiotherapist, was CF for 3 years at Real Madrid, owner of the Centro de Recuperação Física "PIMAS" in Vila do Conde, Portugal
Benefits of the IVT in physiotherapy and regeneration.

• Dr. Andrea Gregorek Crkvenac, Zagreb - Employed at KBC University Clinic Zagreb
IVT on chronic wounds. New perspectives in therapy and economy.